August 16, 2022

Part 3:The Attempted Rape__Confession of a Former Housemaid in Dubai

“Let’s hurry before madam comes back and dare not tell her because she won’t believe you”

By Jeanette Atim Niwabine

The next day, being the housemaid in this lonely Dubai home, I always had to wake up early and do every task before my boss lady could wake. To my surprise, the man who tried to rape me was already standing at the balcony.


In shock, I looked at this idiot of a man and just when I was about to scream at him, I heard my boss lady call him. “Sweetheart you woke up early today” Oh My Lord. This man was my boss’s husband. This beast of a rapist, the fool whose balls I had kicked so hard, was the same man who that same night had shared a bed with my boss lady.


What a world! Imagine the shock! 

I knew my life was gone. I wanted the world to swallow me. And just as I stood there frozen, he walked to me, and whispered. “Stay quiet, be nice and our secret won’t be revealed” He said. 
“Okay sir” was the only words I could speak out.

Then suddenly, lady boss while shouting from another room announced she was heading out to go meet an agent that usually brings more girls. The girls were coming from Uganda. As she prepared herself, I got so worried on how I would remain with this man.


How would I face him! Should I ask lady boss and accompany her? But I had a lot of work to do. No sooner had the lady boss walked out than this man walked up to me, this time more careful not to be kicked in the balls again. He sweet talked me, held me nicely and sounded friendly.
“Me and my friends have always wanted to enjoy African girls” he said. His nonsense sounded ridiculous. GIRLS?? Plural to mean he wants to use and dump African girls, me inclusive. “I will pay you for your kindness and it will be sweet for you”


He went on. 
“Let’s hurry before madam comes back and dare not tell her because she won’t believe you. And I will kill you myself” He said.

 I took his threats serious. I had heard of girls being used, and after beaten into coma and their bodies thrown into garbage heaps. I wonder how and where my body would be dumped. As his arms moved through my waist, gently rolling up my skirt and carefully tearing my underclothing apart, I could not help but get teary. A drop of tears dropped and suddenly boss lady entered only to find me standing with her man!

To be continued in our next series

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