August 16, 2022

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By making a donation to CIJU the donor acknowledges and agrees that he or she is at least eighteen years of age and legally competent.

The donor acknowledges and agrees that CIJU retains control over the donated funds. In the event that a project is retired or fully funded CIJU will receive a check payable to Centre for Investigative Journalism Uganda without reference to a specific project or campaign, the donated funds will be allocated to CIJU’s General Fund.

CIJU accepts both monetary and intangible asset donations.

Donors are free to earmark their donations to a project of their choice.

CIJU does not charge any administrative fees for transferring funds to any project or program. However, third party fees, including, without limitation, payment gateway transaction fees, bank transfer fees, will be deducted from any donation transferred.

Co-founder/ Managing Partner (Editorial& Training)

Joseph Elunya
Co-founder/ Managing Partner (projects)

Peter Okwalinga
Joyce is a graduate of journalism who formerly worked with Radio Sapientia as a news reporter. Her area of focus is in digging deeper into issues affecting women.

Joyce Namubiru