August 16, 2022

Joint Security Task force on Covid-19 visits Port bell market

Maj. Gen Kyanda and other members of the joint task force inspecting port bell market

By Our Reporter

The security inter-agency taskforce on covid-19 has visited Port bell market in Kampala to assess the observance of the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The 22 member committee of the Security Inter Agency Joint Task Force (IAJTF), led by Maj Gen Leopold Eric Kyanda commended the market vendors and the management of the inland port for closely observing the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

“So far, the market vendors and their customers are keenly observing social distancing and only a few people were not wearing their masks as recommended. There are also adequate hand washing facilities with soap that are appropriately being used. We commend them for this and call on other market and operational landing site managements to do the same,” said General Kyanda.

He added that the IAJTF was also pleased to note that the port administration has guidelines to ensure that the crew of incoming ships and boats do not mix with the population.

Maj Gen Kyanda appealed to all Ugandans not to get tired of wearing their masks and observing all other measures because the threat at hand is still prevalent.

“It is not yet time to relax. Some people seem to be relaxing because Uganda has not yet registered any deaths due to COVID-19. We achieved this by strict observance of the guidelines so that the cases did not overwhelm our health systems. Hence, we have to continue observing the guidelines,” he said.

The IAJTF was formed in March 2020 to ensure enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines. The members of the IAJTF are Officers from the UPDF, Police, Prisons, Joint Intelligence Committee, Immigration and Customs.


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