Training Opportunity

Investigative Sports Reporting
Dates: 16 December 20 December | Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Application deadline: 28 October | Programme: Sport and Society


This is an opportunity provided by the Sport and Society programme: Find out more

With revelations about FIFA, the IAAF and other sporting bodies‎ hitting the headlines regularly, the world is now turning a critical eye to how sport is governed.

But the governance of sport is not just about the huge, global bodies that have been the focus of so much attention. Within every country and at every level, sport must be governed. Sometimes it is run as a business, at other times it is state funded – but it should always have effective oversight. Strong, insightful media coverage is a vital part of this.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation’s programme  for journalists in Africa who want to report on how sport is run in their own country or wider region.

Participating journalists will work on a specific story idea and develop this during an intensive workshop in Nairobi. The workshop will also cover investigative techniques, storytelling approaches, and more. They will then receive editorial guidance and mentoring support to help them make their story solid and engaging.

Participating journalists will also be eligible to apply for modest funding to help cover the costs of reporting their story.


  • Journalists with a proven interest in how sport is run. You do not need to be a sports correspondent – we are also interested to hear from business reporters and investigative journalists for example.
  • Journalists must be based in an African country and working for a domestic media outlet.
  •  Journalists working in any medium may apply – print, radio, TV, online